Will the Midterm Elections Be Rigged?

Will the Midterm Elections Be Rigged?

by | Aug 25, 2022 | Blog

With the midterm elections approaching and Senile Joe Biden’s approval ratings in the basement, it is looking like a Red Wave will sweep a nation in the process of being destroyed by the Democrat Party. Yet, the Democrat Party’s history of corruption and vote-stealing ( as revealed in the bogus results of the 2020 presidential election ) ensures that such a Republican landslide on November 8 is hardly guaranteed.

Mollie Hemingway of the Federalist – one of America’s truly outstanding journalists – has already uncovered an illegal scheme by the Biden White House to steal the upcoming election. Through the little-known Executive Order 14019 issued by Biden just months after being installed in the White House, the Democrats have developed a grassroots infrastructure using federal funds and private “dark money” to rig this election the way they rigged 2020. Perhaps this is why the Party seems so unwilling to move to the center in the face of overwhelming opposition to its far left policies from the American people. They may know the “fix” is already in.

Hemingway outlines how federal agencies – in violation of the Hatch Act and other federal laws – are being used to promote voter registration and turnout schemes. These efforts include turning CMS community health centers into voter registration facilities, HUD launching voter registration drives in Democrat-populated public housing projects, the Department of Education encouraging universities to use Federal Work Study monies to promote voter registration, and the Agriculture Department using child nutrition programs to push the same. Now, that really fills a hungry belly!

In addition, Biden and his puppet-master Susan Rice have appointed leading officers from the left-wing “dark money” group Demos to positions in the federal government that oversee election-related initiatives. In fact, the whole White House plan seems to have been lifted from a white paper produced by Demos which refers to developing “research and resources to assist and advance agency efforts to implement robust voter registration opportunities, including….best practices for conducting voter registration at federal agencies.”

Of course, this is all patently unConstitutional and illegal, as the Constitution does not give the Executive branch any authority over elections and the Hatch Act enacted in 1939 bars government bureaucrats from being involved in partisan political activities. However, we know the law does not apply to Democrats, only Republicans and supporters of President Trump.

What the Biden regime is doing to corrupt the midterm elections is just a reminder of the Democrat Party’s long sordid legacy of vote-buying, vote-stealing, and ballot-stuffing.

An article by Larry Holzwarth in History Collection identifies the top ten political machines in American history, eight of which were identified with the Democrats.

Perhaps the most famous machine was led in New York City by Boss Tweed who controlled the local Democrat Party organization known as Tammany Hall. Through Tammany Hall, all of the city’s alderman positions were controlled by Tweed, as well as the City Recorder, the District Attorney, and the Comptroller. Bribes were regularly exchanged for votes and city contracts and Tweed eventually amassed a personal fortune of $200 million. And, like today’s Democrats, Tammany Hall was notorious for taking advantage of the newly arrived immigrants from Germany, Italy, Russia, Poland and elsewhere, promising jobs and schooling for their ballots on Election Day.

Chicago Mayor Richard Daley controlled the Cook County Democrat Party machine for more than twenty years, becoming a kingmaker in local, state, and national politics. At its highest point, the Daley machine controlled 35,000 patronage jobs and candidates running statewide in Illinois knew their future rested with the vote count in Chicago, which Daley controlled. In 1960, Daley locked up the presidential race for John F. Kennedy by turning out enough votes in Chicago – living or dead – to give JFK a tiny 9000 vote margin in the state. It was notorious for Daley to hold back the results in Cook County until he knew what the numbers were in the rest of the state.

In New Jersey, Frank Hague ran another notorious political machine in Jersey City and Hudson County from 1917 to 1947. He was also vice-chair of the Democrat National Committee and after becoming Jersey City Mayor, seized control of the state Democrat Party, gaining control over candidates and voter registration rolls.  In the late 1930s, Jersey City’s voter registration rolls contained 10,000 more voters than the number of eligible residents in the city. Like Biden, Hague was also intolerant of political dissent, refusing to approve permits for gatherings of organizations opposed to him.

In Missouri, President Harry Truman launched his political career with the Pendergast machine which ran Kansas City for years. Tom Pendergast was chair of the Jackson County Democrat Party and soon took control of the city and county governments, overseeing a Kansas City wide open for alcohol, gambling, and other corruption. During the heyday of his regime, voter turnout was often near 100%, despite many people saying they had not voted. Veteran news broadcaster Walter Cronkite said he was driven to the polls by the Pendergast machine and voted repeatedly in one election, each time under a different name. And, that’s the way it was!

Lyndon B. Johnson owed his first election to the Senate in 1948 to a ballot box that mysteriously showed up after the election in which his opponent had already been declared the winner. Box 13 contained 202 votes, of which 200 were for LBJ! Box 13 was courtesy of the Parr machine of south Texas which controlled elections in Jim Wells and Duval counties, largely by using bribery, graft, and coercion to garner votes from Mexican-Americans.

In Memphis, Tennessee, a southern Democrat named E.H. Crump ran local politics for four decades. He dispensed patronage, dominated the newspapers, and controlled elections through manipulating voter registration rolls and ballots. Likewise, in Virginia, the Democrat Byrd machine controlled politics between 1925 and 1965, especially in the rural areas. Using poll taxes and other devices to control voter registration, Senator Harry Byrd soon dominated elected officials in the rural parts of the Old Dominion State while – like Joe Biden in his youth – fighting to prevent the integration of state schools.

In reality, the Democrat Party is not a political party at all. Like the Communist Party, it is – at its core – a political version of La Cosa Nostra, a mafia run by thugs, crooks, and bullies who will commit any crime, violate any moral standard or norm, or subvert any institution to maintain power at all costs. It is a criminal syndicate – bought and paid for by corrupt foreign regimes like Red China and Ukraine—whose purpose is to eliminate our Constitutional republic altogether. Back in the late 1940s, there was a debate in the United States over whether to outlaw the Communist Party for advocating the overthrow of the republic through force and violence. Perhaps that is a debate that should be resumed today in reference to the Democrat Party.


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