Will Latinos Upend the Socialist Takeover?

Will Latinos Upend the Socialist Takeover?

by | May 10, 2021 | Blog

As tens of thousands of desperately-poor Central Americans surge America’s now fully-open southern border at the invitation of Senile Joe Biden, the Democrat Party practically welcomes them with open arms as new potential voters. If Joe and Cackling Kamala do ever visit the border, it will be to present the migrants with voter registration forms.

Joe and Kamala plan to legalize the more than 25 million illegal immigrants in the United States as soon as possible in order to get them on the voter rolls in time for the next presidential election. With another 2 million or so probably coming across the Rio Grande this year alone, the DNC is giddy with delight over the party’s latest ballot-stuffing scheme.

Yet, is the Democrat Party—the party of slavery and segregation – breaking open the champagne bottles too quickly? Will its plans to enslave an entire new population of arrivals to American soil work exactly the way that enslavement was imposed – first by chains and later by welfare checks – on African-Americans? Will Latinos prove to be as predictable and reliable a voting bloc for the party as African-Americans were after the New Deal and especially after the Great Society?

Results from the 2020 election may be calling that assumption into question.

In 2016, Donald Trump—despite being relentlessly crucified in the state-controlled media as a racist and Mexican-hater, still drew 28% of the Latino vote, more than Mitt Romney in 2012. Shockingly, in 2020, Trump polled as much as 35% of the Latino vote, the highest number since Texan George W. Bush in 2004.

Trump sliced through the Cuban and Venezuelan precincts of south Florida like a hot knife through butter. In Miami-Dade County, he won an astounding 53.5% of the majority-Hispanic precincts, compared to just 40% four years earlier. He won Cuban-Americans by a fifteen-point margin. Interestingly, some of the largest swings toward Trump came not in Cuban precincts, but in Venezuelan-American communities.

In Nevada, Latino men gave President Trump an impressive 48% of the vote while in Arizona he polled a strong 37% among Hispanic males and Latino votes shifted to Trump in 61% of Maricopa County’s 109 majority-Hispanic districts. Some of the biggest movement toward Trump was seen in the overwhelmingly Mexican-American areas in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. According to Bloomberg, in Texas’ Harris County, almost 90% of the county’s 299 majority-Hispanic precincts saw a shift in Trump’s direction when compared to 2016. In some precincts, the net vote shift towards Trump increased by as many as 30 percentage points.

Why? Why did President Trump enjoy such an uptick in support among Latino voters in 2020, an uptick which in any honest election would have secured his re-election? How could this have occurred after four years of being vilified by the lamestream media, including Univision and Telemundo?

Certainly, the President’s strength among Cuban and Venezuelan voters in Florida was probably predictable. As refugees from socialism and communism, these voters are loath to support any candidate endorsing such destructive policies in their new homeland. Why escape Castro and Maduro only to find Biden and Harris ( or Harris and Biden )? In addition, the damage caused by the COVID lockdowns to small business owners — as many Cuban-Americans are — only intensified their support for an “open the country back up “ message as conveyed by Trump and Florida Governor Ron De Santis.

The immigration issue also worked for the President and against the Democrats among many Latinos. This is the key issue on which the entire Democrat plot to rig future elections hinges. And, if Latinos aren’t buying it, their entire plot unravels. Polls currently show Latinos split down the middle on Dementia Joe’s chaotic and cruel open border policies. Latinos who are second and third-generation are no more likely to support a massive influx of illegal immigrants into America than any other demographic. They correctly see these migrants as competing for blue-collar and unskilled jobs, driving down wages, and imposing costly burdens on already overcrowded schools, hospitals, and other infrastructure. Legal immigrants – such as myself – are especially incensed at the thought of individuals breaking into this country and being showered with taxpayer largesse while we waited for years to obtain a Visa and had to work to sustain ourselves.

Additionally, the Democrat Party’s off-the-rails extremism on cultural issues, from abortion at the moment of birth ( or infanticide after birth ) to insane transgender nonsense only repels Latino voters who are overwhelmingly Catholic or evangelical Christian. The growing move of Latinos into culturally and politically-conservative evangelical and fundamentalist churches does not bode well for a party that seeks to allow adult men to shower with teenage girls or use women’s restrooms.

Finally, the despicable campaign of the Democrat Party’s house militias in BLM and Antifa in burning down American cities in the summer of 2020 did not resonate well with many Latino voters who belong to the military, police, Border Patrol or other law enforcement agencies. Anyone who watches the news regularly recognizes the large number of Border Patrol agents who are Hispanic. They do not see Biden-Harris as an ally as they work to abolish our border and make their work almost impossible to accomplish.

Obviously, we cannot know precisely the political philosophy ( if any ) of the latest hordes of migrants crashing the border. If they are indeed fleeing poverty and/or danger and think Biden’s America will provide relief, they will soon be sadly mistaken. Biden’s left-wing economic agenda is almost guaranteed to result in a hyperinflationary depression within a few years. Widespread poverty will naturally result. And, with more poverty and despair, crime will rise exponentially. BLM and Antifa will hardly be satisfied either as Senile Joe’s efforts to appease the radical left will only result in more unreasonable demands until the nation’s cities go up in flames again. The migrants might then decide to make a u-turn and determine El Salvador and Guatemala are preferable to the United Socialist States of America.

The Democrat Party knows its policies don’t work, have never worked, and can never work. They have been tried throughout history and failed miserably while consigning tens of millions to death and despair. They can only implement these policies by theft, cheating, and subterfuge. They think by importing millions of desperate people from the south and making them wards of the state, their modern Tammany Hall politics can succeed. In 2020, Latino voters showed that they may be barking up the wrong tree.

Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician and author of “Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer’s RX to Save America.” He was voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at dr.jamesveltmeyer@yahoo.com and by visiting his website at drveltmeyer.com

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