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Universities: Hotbeds of Cultural Revolution

Jul 10, 2020 | News

My column, “Universities: Hotbeds of Cultural Revolution,” was recently published by the Huntington Beach News. See below:

The “long march through the institutions” is a phrase popularized by the Cultural Marxists of the 1960s who described their political strategy for destabilizing and overthrowing Western capitalist society. In no institution have they had more success than in academia where the universities today have become little more than hotbeds of revolutionary ferment and laboratories of political and social indoctrination. The radical overturning of American society we are witnessing in our cities and on our streets today – focusing on Maoist tactics of historical revisionism, cultural destruction, and public humiliation of political opponents – is a product of the stealth-like campaign to capture America’s institutions of higher education which has been ongoing for generations.

As far back as 1951, conservative icon William F. Buckley, Jr. was writing of this process of subversion of Western values in the universities in his classic book God and Man at Yale. Buckley accused the professoriate at Yale of working to break down the religious beliefs of students and inculcate them with secularist ideologies and Keynesian and collectivist economics. Of course, the 1950s was also the high point of congressional investigations of communist infiltration into the American government and other key institutions. Not surprisingly, these investigations revealed significant numbers of active or former Communists occupying faculty positions in colleges and universities across the U.S.

The leftist revolutionaries who sparked uprisings on American campuses throughout the 1960s from the “Filthy Speech Movement” at Berkeley to the actual takeover of university buildings at Columbia in 1968 sadly represented the future of higher education in America in the subsequent decades. While conservative students generally went into law, medicine or business to make a difference or make money, the generation of “red diaper babies” saw an opportunity to cause trouble, shape innocent minds, and impose extremist ideologies upon a new generation of vulnerable young people, particularly those who entered college without any deep-seated religious, moral, or political views formed in the home.

With the administration of the universities undoubtedly cowed by the terrifying events of the 1960s ( a notable exception being the plucky tam o’shanter-wearing S.I. Hayakawa at San Francisco State University ) , there was easy entry into the faculty lounges at America’s most prestigious academies. The left-wing ideologues made their move on the political science, history, sociology, liberal arts, and humanities departments. With a patient and gradualist strategy that would make the most dedicated member of the Fabian Society proud, they went to work.

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