Trump and the Liberation of the Republican Party

Trump and the Liberation of the Republican Party

by | Oct 30, 2020 | Blog

Regardless of how the November election turns out, President Trump will be recorded in political history – at a minimum – as the volcanic force who transformed and actually liberated the Republican Party from the vise-like grip of its globalist, pro-war, anti-national sovereignty wing. That wing of the Party – except for a few exceptions – has dominated the GOP at least since 1940.

1940 was the year Franklin Delano Roosevelt sought an unprecedented third term as President and the Republican Party was in an ideal position to end the Rooseveltian experiment with Big Government fascist economics at home and interventionism abroad. FDR’s radical policies had fundamentally altered the role of the federal government in relation to the states and asserted the supremacy of executive power over the other branches of government. Many of his actions were so inconsistent with the United States Constitution that some were declared invalid by the U.S. Supreme Court, leading to FDR’s supremely arrogant plan to “pack” the Court with new members in 1938. By the time of the midterm elections that year, millions of Americans had experienced enough of Roosevelt and Republicans gained 80 seats in the House of Representatives and six seats in the Senate.

Ohio’s conservative Sen. Robert Taft seemed the obvious challenger to FDR in 1940. However, Taft’s refusal to accept the dictates of the Wall Street elites who salivated for the massive profits they envisioned from war in Europe led to the highly-orchestrated but then totally “spontaneous” convention draft of Wall Street executive Wendell Willkie as the Republican nominee. Willkie, by the way, was the author of a book called One World, the very title indicating his globalist political philosophy. Needless to say, FDR buried Willkie in November.

1944 and 1948 were reruns of the 1940 race. Republicans again allowed the internationalist Wall Street wing of the Party to control the nomination process. Again spurning Taft or General Douglas MacArthur, the Party awarded its prize to New York Governor Thomas E. Dewey, a colorless candidate who offered no real alternative to the New Deal agenda of Roosevelt and later Harry S. Truman. Dewey was so hapless a candidate that he was easily defeated by Truman who was given almost no chance of prevailing with his party bitterly split between its left-wing progressives led by Henry Wallace and its segregationists led by Strom Thurmond.

By 1952, a battle royale was emerging for control of the GOP. Mr. Republican, Sen. Robert Taft was again the frontrunner. Yet, the New York-Wall Street forces continued to distrust and loathe the small-government, anti-war Ohio solon. Similar to 1940, they sought out a popular figure that they could direct, an individual whose name was actually floated as a Democrat for President four years prior – General Dwight David Eisenhower. Despite Ike’s wartime popularity, Taft remained the favorite of the grassroots. Had it not been for the downright dirty tricks employed by the Eisenhower faction to unseat the legitimately-elected Taft delegations from a number of states, Taft would have won the nomination. Instead, the globalist elites won again and Taft was cheated of a long-deserved victory. It would be twelve long years of conservatives wandering in the desert before the Coup at the Cow Palace in July of 1964.

1964 marked the year when the first authentic limited government Constitutional Conservative in two generations took the reins of the Republican Party. His name was Barry Goldwater. While Goldwater would go on to lose the general election to Lyndon B. Johnson, he will be forever remembered as the political dragon-slayer who vanquished the Rockefeller Republicans at the Convention and placed conservatives – even if temporarily and perhaps not consistently – at the helm of his Party.

For the next sixteen years, an uneasy peace existed between the Sunbelt conservatives and the Eastern moderates within the GOP. They united to support Richard Nixon twice as Nixon saw the center of gravity in the party moving to the right and he campaigned to maintain conservative support through a strong appeal to law and order in 1968. The disorder Donald Trump faces today in America’s cities is eeringly similar to what Nixon faced a half-century ago as Marxist revolutionaries and thugs tried to firebomb American society and impose a nihilistic new order upon the nation. In the wake of Watergate and the collapse of the Nixon presidency, conservatives were again ascendant in the Party and launched Ronald Reagan on the road to the White House in 1980. The Reagan Administration was the high-point of conservative achievement within the GOP, but planted like a viper within its breast was George H.W. Bush, heir to a Wall Street banking fortune, luminary of the Trilateral Commission, former CIA boss, and all-around reliable errand boy of the Eastern Establishment. Reagan named Bush Vice President with great reluctance in order to appease the still-powerful Wall Street wing  which viewed the cowboy from California with serious suspicion. During the Reagan years, a neo-conservative faction of ex-Democrats infiltrated the Republican Party, loudly demanding perpetual war and global entanglement. They became extremely influential within foreign policy circles in Washington, D.C.

By the time Bush succeeded Reagan in 1989, the purge of Reaganism in Washington was well under way. Hardcore Reaganites were sent packing and the Reagan agenda was deep-sixed as Bush began to re-tax and re-regulate the economy while committing America to endless wars in search of his “New World Order.” Bush’s quick repudiation of the Reagan Revolution led to his primary challenge by Pat Buchanan in 1992 and the subsequent third-party candidacy of Texas billionaire Ross Perot. When the votes were counted that November, the Bush drive to revive Rockefeller Republicanism had been thoroughly repudiated at the polls, with Bush receiving just 38% of the popular vote, the lowest percentage for a Republican candidate for President since 1936.

For a quarter-century after the Bush defeat in 1992, the globalists and neo-conservative perpetual war fanatics maintained control of the Republican Party. Every four years, they nominated a new member of the club, be it a Dole, McCain, or Romney. And, obviously, a second Bush – George W, an individual so devoid of any intellectual or philosophical foundation that he was easily hoodwinked into embarking on the greatest strategic blunder in American history, the trillion-dollar invasion of Iraq in 2003 and paved the way for Barack Obama’s rise to power.

In 2016, Donald J. Trump tore up the Republican Party’s dog-eared and dusty playbook. He vaporized sixteen opponents in the primaries –including the heir to the discredited Bush dynasty — captured the Party with an army of working and middle-class supporters, and stormed the barricades of Washington, D.C. with the most unlikely victory in American history. In one fell swoop, he disarmed the War Party, exiled its partisans, and neutered its political agenda. They will not be back. The Republican Party has been permanently transformed by one man and the force of his unique vision and larger-than-life personality. The GOP has become the party of blue-collar working class America and there is no longer a place for the ruling class that bankrupted the country with endless wars and international entanglements, ceded our economic supremacy to Communist China, surrendered our national sovereignty to the institutions of the New World Order and threw open our borders to mass illegal immigration.

Many say that the Republican Party is now the Trump Party. In reality, that means the Party has at long last been liberated and is now truly the People’s Party.


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at



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