Trump 2020: The Road to Re-Election

Trump 2020: The Road to Re-Election

by | May 12, 2020 | Blog

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the President’s re-election campaign has been turned upside down and inside out. The economy has tanked, the stock market has crashed, unemployment has soared, and businesses have closed. Food shortages are on the horizon and trillions in wealth have been wiped out in a few short weeks. Civil liberties have been violated on an unprecedented scale. This bizarre situation has been the direct result of the complete and total overreaction of federal and state governments, misleading data and models, questionable advice from medical “experts” and hysteria stoked by the Trump-hating news media.

The President was misled from the very beginning of this so-called “pandemic.” Going against his own usually correct instincts, he was sold on the laughable Imperial College model of 2.2 million dead Americans by the shifty Dr. Anthony Fauci and Scarf Lady, Dr. Deborah Birx. This led him to declare a national emergency and announce 15 and 30-day mitigation guidelines. These actions, which themselves did not shut down the U.S. economy, were used by power-hungry Democrat Governors to suffocate their state economies and deny civil liberties in a desperate effort to secure tax increases, federal bailouts, or sink the President’s re-election prospects. Others with more nefarious agendas saw the shuttering of the world’s most dynamic capitalist economy as the gateway to creating their Brave New World of scarcity and want, based on the principles of the Green New Deal. No automobile travel. No air travel. An oil and gas industry in tatters and a guaranteed monthly income paid for by Washington.

What befell America was not the President’s fault. If we were responsible for 320 million lives, most of us would have probably reacted in the same way when encountering a new threat and being bombarded with frightening death projections.

Fortunately, April 30 represented the end of the Fauci-contrived guidelines and that’s good. The President now must now embrace a re-election strategy that will secure his political base and win over sufficient numbers of Democrats and independents. It will not be easy because so much economic and financial damage has already taken place and it won’t be reversed overnight. Nevertheless, the President should move aggressively now to move on from Coronavirus, allow the health care providers to deal with the problem, and restore America to some kind of normalcy.

Here are some steps he should take immediately:

  1. Announce the dismantling of the Pence Task Force and its replacement by a New Task Force for Reopening the Economy and Managing Health Care. This Task Force should be composed of free market economists and experienced frontline hospitalists who will ensure that the economy gets back on its feet while ensuring that our hospitals can handle any future Coronavirus flareups. An economist like Art Laffer or Stephen Moore should head it up.
  2. Stop the bailouts and perpetual money-printing and demand the suspension of the payroll tax through the end of the year to help get businesses open again and employees back on payrolls.
  3. Announce aggressive action by the Justice Department against state violations of the Bill of Rights under SIP orders. Unleash Bill Barr’s U.S. attorneys on Michigan, New York, New Jersey, and California.
  4. Take it to Communist China. Announce a series of sanctions and actions aimed at the cause of the pandemic: Beijing. Increase tariffs, repudiate debt, confiscate assets in the U.S., bar U.S. companies from doing business, return manufacturing, initiate a boycott of Red Chinese goods and reopen diplomatic relations with the Free Chinese government on Taiwan.
  5. Order a full investigation into the activities of the Wuhan Virology Lab, including the role of the ubiquitous Dr. Anthony Fauci in providing $3.7 million in previously-prohibited funding for bat virus research there. What did Dr. Fauci know and when did he know it?

From a campaign standpoint, the Trump campaign should emphasize three main issues and hammer away at them day and night until they become etched inside every voter’s head:

CHINA, CHINA, CHINA. The President must run squarely against Red China. He campaigned on this issue and has been proved 100% correct. Red China is an existential threat to our national security and our economic security. He needs to hang the virus around the neck of every Democrat who supported MFN status for Beijing, backed Beijing’s entry into the World Trade Organization and allowed the looting of American wealth and jobs over thirty years. That includes the Clintons, Pelosi, Obamas, and Sleepy Joe Biden. Expose Joe and Hunter Biden’s financial ties to the Chinese Communists and Biden’s lofty praise of that regime and endorsement of their aspirations for economic supremacy. This must be done over and over again on broadcast, print, and social media until Joe Biden is indistinguishable from Xi Jinping.

DEMOCRAT GOVERNORS. The President can hold the swing states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin by campaigning against the tyranny of the Democrat governors during this crisis. Expose the economic and financial ruin they have caused to their states, their denial of basic rights like religious liberty and mobilize rank-and-file voters enraged by the actions of these Governors behind the Trump campaign. These governors must be made the new villains and voters’ distress over the economic collapse directed at them and at them only. Emphasize your efforts to re-open and re-build the economy only to be stymied by governors seeking perpetual lockdowns to increase their power, secure massive tax increases, and gain lucrative federal bailouts of their mismanagement.

SOCIALISM. The President needs to emphasize without hesitation the socialist nature of the Democrat ticket. He needs to point out that the temporary economic distress of the virus will become permanent as Joe Biden and the AOC wing of the Democrat Party put the U.S. in permanent lockdown through the Green New Deal. Campaign against Biden’s promises to dismantle the oil and gas industry, ban coal mining, and enact the entire radical agenda of the Squad. Throw back at him his words that he’s happy to have millions more Americans thrown out of work at a time like this to enact AOC’s Green New Deal. He needs to focus on this theme in states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin while highlighting the fact that Biden will return to “business as usual” on trade, shipping millions of jobs abroad once again. By the end of this advertising blitz, Joe Biden’s face morphs into that of Alexandria Ocasio-Big Mouth.

The President, despite having the best economy in a more than a generation hollowed out by the pandemic in just a matter of weeks, is in a strong position to win re-election. The polls show that. Having a corrupt poster boy for dementia as his opponent is a blessing. However, to win again, he must paint a clear picture to voters of the dystopian nightmare we face if a Democrat wins. The American people have had a taste of police state tyranny due to COVID-19 and the growing protests across the country are indicative that the American people will never accept the permanent surrender of their God-given liberty.

Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at

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