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Time for genuine tax reform

Jul 15, 2020 | News

America’s tax system is a mess. It’s a hodgepodge of thousands of arcane rules, regulations and laws that are constantly changing according to the whims of whichever group of politicians is in charge in Washington, D.C., on any given day. Taxes are cut, taxes are raised, new taxes are introduced, old ones are repealed, but the middle class continues to get squeezed while many giant corporations able to navigate the loopholes and special interest tax breaks wind up paying no tax at all.

Thousands of lobbyists swarm over Capitol Hill day and night fighting for their favorite tax break, while millions of hard-working Americans struggle to make ends meet and waste countless hours filling out alphabet-soup schedules and forms, attempting to make sense of the annual IRS handbook that the government won’t even bother to mail you anymore.

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I am a family physician and past Congressional candidate in San Diego, CA. I am on a mission to find smart, common sense solutions to many of our most challenging problems as a society.

I am a proud legal immigrant to the United States, arriving here when I was just eleven years old.

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