The Verdict is in: The Lockdowns Didn’t Work

The Verdict is in: The Lockdowns Didn’t Work

by | Jul 22, 2020 | Blog

Now that the riots, looting, statue toppling, and street anarchy have subsided somewhat ( perhaps due to a perception that this strategy of the Left is beginning to backfire ), we’re back to the left-wing media mob’s screaming headlines about COVID-19. Amazingly, COVID virtually disappeared from news coverage while the mainstream media was cheering on the rioters burning down our cities and desecrating national monuments, statues, and symbols.

The current media hysterics over COVID are geared toward engineering another light-switch lockdown as if the American economy can long survive these senseless periodic closures over a virus that still falls far short of the deaths attributed to past pandemics, like the 1957 Asian Flu.

Of course, the evidence clearly suggests that the two-month lockdown imposed on all but a handful of states between mid-March and mid-May accomplished nothing, but only made matters worse. Indeed, if the lockdowns had worked as Herr Doktor Fauci and ScarfLady claimed, shouldn’t we have largely quashed the virus and “flattened the curve” already? Why would we even be discussing new “surges” and “hot spots” at all?

Instead, we are being subjected to a new phase of sensationalism that trumpets the rise in the number of cases being reported across the country. However, what does that prove? By focusing on cases and not on deaths, recoveries, or hospitalizations, the massive increase in testing taking place would obviously result in thousands of new diagnoses. The truth is that the vast majority of reported cases involve individuals who are wholly asymptomatic, a condition that even the corrupt World Health Organization recently admitted puts them at low risk of transmitting the virus to others ( the opposite of what we were told from the beginning of the pandemic and totally contradicts the logic of wearing masks ).

The United States is testing more people at more times in more venues than any other nation on the planet. This testing is creating a false narrative in the  mainstream media that we are in a new crisis mode and another lockdown is required. Could that have been the reason President Trump made that recent off-hand comment that there has been “too much testing?” And, even the testing is itself suspect, in many instances. We are learning of individuals testing positive multiple times being reported as novel cases and negative test results being discarded altogether.

What we need to be focused on is the fact that the death rate from COVID is plummeting. It is now lower than at any time since early March. People are recovering more quickly from the virus and there is evidence that while it continues to spread, it is becoming less and less virulent, which is epidemiologically-predictable as viruses normally weaken over time as they spread through the host population. Hospitalizations have possibly increased here and there, but some of these hospitalizations are unrelated to COVID but to the prior lockdowns which irresponsibly and cruelly prevented elective surgeries and medical treatment for hypertension, heart disease, and cancer. Hospitals and ICUS are still not being flooded with COVID patients. In San Diego county, where I practice medicine, we have seen a fourteen day decline in patients suspected of having the coronavirus from 98 to 72 and an ICU patient decline from 26 to 16. The left-wing press likes to highlight extreme examples of individuals – especially young people — who contracted COVID and died but usually omit any details that would give us a real understanding of what actually happened. Were any of these individuals immune-compromised? Were they drug users? Did they have other underlying health conditions? In some cases, these reports have later been exposed as false “fake news.”

The lockdowns didn’t work. States that did not lock down like South Dakota have fared better than states that did lock down like California. Nations that did not lock down like Sweden and Japan fared better than nations that did like Italy. All the lockdowns accomplished was to delay the development of “herd immunity,” prevent people from having their immune systems strengthened by Vitamin D, while throwing 40 million people out of work and bankrupting thousands of small businesses. There have been far greater mental health consequences to shutting down the economy and forcing people to “shelter-in-place” than the dangers of COVID-19. How about the rise of suicides and depression? How about the loneliness and despair of the elderly in nursing homes denied the ability to see their families? How about schoolchildren denied exercise and interaction with their peers by being in school?

Now, the Left is agitating to shut us down again. Governor Gavin Newsom has already done so. They see this as a way to permanently damage the economy in order to ensure a political victory for Democrats at the polls in November. Never in our history has there been a more calculated, callous, and cruel attempt to manipulate people and destroy their lives in the name of a medical crisis in order to achieve a political objective.

Let us emphasize once again that – aside from some temporary bans on large gatherings in certain places – the country did not shut down during the Spanish Flu of 1918. Neither did we shut down in 1957 with the Asian Flu which killed 116,000 Americans ( proportionately a much lower number relative to the nation’s population than the 135,000 being attributed to COVID today – which itself has been wildly inflated by including deaths caused by other maladies ). We did not do so in the Hong Kong pandemic of 1968 nor with SARS or MERS either.

The American people need to take a stand now, once and for all. They need to reject the idea of any new shutdowns. They need to demand the opening of the schools. COVID-19 has been a string of lies from the very beginning, starting with the lies of the Chinese Communists to the falsehoods of Fauci and company, and the continuing disinformation scare tactics of the Trump-hating media. Enough is enough.


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at

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