The Truth About Anthony Fauci

The Truth About Anthony Fauci

by | Nov 11, 2020 | Blog

Anthony Fauci is the 80-year old head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He has held this position since 1984. As such, he is one of Washington’s most entrenched medical bureaucrats, a favorite of the political classes and media elites and whose bespectacled countenance implies a kindly, grandfatherish figure dedicated to public health and saving lives.

During the COVID-19 hysteria ( which he himself contributed greatly to spreading after previously dismissing its severity ), he has become the liberal establishment’s anointed high priest of American medicine, whose musings are regarded as dogma. Every word is treated as holy writ and woe to anyone who challenges his dictum.

Yet, Anthony Fauci has a proven record of being wrong – or contradicting himself – on the greatest public health challenges of our time.

During COVID, he repeatedly proclaimed throughout January and February that it posed little threat to the average American. He was opposed to President Trump’s January 30 ban on air travel from Communist China, only to later retract that criticism and praise it for saving thousands of lives. He initially opposed the widespread use of masks, bolstering long-held beliefs by medical professionals that they do little or nothing to stop the spread of respiratory viruses. Later, he changed his views to demand virtually mandatory mask-wearing by Americans.

He is an advocate of large-scale and punitive Australian-style lockdowns and shutdowns, regardless of the cost to national economies, the jobs and livelihoods of individuals, or the mental and physical health of people driven to despair through drug use, alcoholism, and depression. And, he has repeatedly misled the nation about the severity of COVID-19, focusing almost exclusively on the number of reported cases, NOT on deaths or hospitalizations. He has repeatedly refused to differentiate between critical, life-threatening cases and the vast majority of cases which are asymptomatic or which resolve themselves in days with minimal treatment. He has ferociously attacked inexpensive therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and azithromycin in favor of highly-expensive drugs like remdesivir which is now shown in disappointing clinical trials to be only minimally effective against the virus. And, he has allied himself strongly with globalist Bill Gates ( on whose “scientific” board he served from 2003 to 2010 ) in pushing for questionable vaccines, the risks of which are unknown.

Most seriously, however, we know that Anthony Fauci has been an open collaborator with the Chinese Communists and the Chinese Communist military in controversial – and highly dangerous – bat coronavirus research. His NIAID provided over $7 million in recent years to the Wuhan Institute of Virology to conduct these studies. It is this Wuhan Lab where some courageous Chinese scientists say coronavirus was developed and escaped from. If true, Fauci has his fingerprints all over COVID-19.

Of course, none of this is new for Anthony Fauci. At the time he took control of NIAID 36 years ago, the United States was in the midst of the growing AIDS epidemic. Here again, his recommendations and directives were usually wrong. He initially said AIDS could be spread casually, which we know is absolutely false and created a panic that it would soon victimize massive numbers of heterosexuals. He refused to attribute the spread of the disease to homosexual behavior which is indisputably true and refused to advocate for the closing of gay bathhouses. He obviously felt the bathhouses were more vital to keeping open than our businesses and schools today. However, that’s not surprising for a man who recommends Catholics abstain from receiving the Holy Eucharist during COVID while green-lighting strangers “hooking-up” for sex after meeting online.

In fact, during the AIDS crisis, Fauci was considered Enemy Number One by AIDS advocates. They believed that his foot-dragging on drugs and therapeutics to treat the disease was virtually criminal. As today, Fauci ridiculed therapeutics in favor of vaccines which, of course, are huge money-makers for the pharmaceutical industry. He touted a vaccine for AIDS, but it never arrived. However, AIDS advocates did see promise in an antibiotic named Bactrim which was shown effective in preventing and treating pneumocystis pneumonia ( PCP ), a leading killer of AIDS patients in the late 1980s. These advocates went to Fauci and begged him to issue guidelines for physicians so that they would more readily prescribe Bactrim to treat this AIDS-related pneumonia. Fauci and his so-called “experts” refused. He said he needed “randomized controlled, blinded trial evidence.” In fact, he went so far as to advocate against the use of Bactrim despite compelling evidence that it was working. Needless to say, his NIH refused to fund any of the trials he deemed so important so that 17,000 people died of PCP unnecessarily. Doesn’t that sound similar to his attitude on hydroxychloroquine which has already saved the lives of many COVID patients?

If any individual in government is a candidate for term limits, it is Anthony Fauci. A career civil servant whose four decades in office have coincided with two of the greatest health emergencies in American history. And, these crises only worsened on his watch. This is an individual who has likely not seen an x-ray in forty years, treated a patient, or even used a stethoscope. Yet, he is supposed to be setting U.S. health policy? A man with an unbroken record of being wrong time after time on critical life-and -death issues? Give me a break.

No, the truth about Anthony Fauci is that while he may carry a medical degree, he’s no doctor in my book. I’m a doctor, I heal the sick and save lives. He doesn’t. Instead, he’s a denizen of the deep state, far more comfortable on the “champagne circuit” of Georgetown cocktail parties than administering oxygen in the Emergency Room. He lives for the fame and acclaim of the left-wing news media and the liberal political establishment whose lords and ladies he extravagantly praises ( check out his January 23, 2013 email in which he affirms his “love” for Crooked Hillary Clinton ). He is not to be trusted with the public health of one individual in this nation and should be removed immediately from any and all positions of power and influence.


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at



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