The Green Revolution: Biden’s “Great Leap Backward”

Physician on a Mission Podcast
In today’s episode, Dr. Veltmeyer compares Senile Joe Biden’s so-called “Green Revolution” to Mao Zedong’s catastrophic “Great Leap Forward” experiment of the late 1950s which led to widespread famine and the deaths of as many as 55 million Chinese. By forcibly trying to convert the United States to so-called “renewable” clean energy sources, Biden is condemning millions of Americans to a dark, desperate future of food scarcity, energy shortages, rationing, and blackouts. Wind and solar are expensive, unpredictable, and inefficient forms of energy with their own toxic waste. Yet, the components for “clean energy” are largely based on Rare Earth Minerals nearly monopolized by Communist China, the nation that has funneled $31 million to the Biden Crime Family over the years. See the connection?

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