The Arrival of “Hard” Socialism

The Arrival of “Hard” Socialism

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Blog

Tens of millions of Americans tremble with fear in anticipation of the November 3 election and rightly so. Backed by its violent Brownshirt mobs in our streets, the Democrat Party has now become so wedded to the coercive ideology of state socialism that a victory by Joe Biden and a takeover of the U.S. Senate could easily signal the death knell of our Constitutional Republic.

Of course, the stealth forces of socialism have been surely but steadily chipping away at the foundations of our Republic for at least a century. The 1913 Wilsonian revolution led to the establishment of a central bank, imposition of a “heavy, graduated income tax” ( words of the Communist Manifesto ), and the repudiation of state sovereignty in favor of mass “democracy” through the direct election of U.S. Senators. These were all major stepping-stones toward the erection of a socialist state. 

A central bank known as the Federal Reserve allowed money to be conjured out of thin air to finance the endless expansion of the power of the federal government.

A graduated income tax permitted the massive redistribution of wealth “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” ( words of Karl Marx ).

Direct election of Senators violated the Founders’ desire to check the uncontrolled passion of the mob by allowing the state legislatures to pick Senators, thus protecting the rights and interests of the states against unbridled federal power.

The advance of the socialist agenda reached new heights during the presidency of Franklin D. Roosevelt. Under FDR, the federal government essentially supplanted the role of state and local government, subordinated the private sector to the public sector and inaugurated a massive shift of power and authority to unelected bureaucrats and planners in Washington, D.C. Programs such as the National Recovery Act and the Agricultural Adjustment Act struck at the very heart of a free market economy.

FDR, who boasted that some of his best friends were Communists ( and they were ), even believed he could upend our Constitutional form of government by packing the Supreme Court with a handful of politically-compliant appointees. Does that sound familiar? 

Every Administration – Democrat or Republican – since FDR has placed America on the progressive path to socialism, certainly in an economic sense but now we face the reality of socialism infiltrating and corrupting the basic political structures of our system of government.

Medicare, farm subsidies, Social Security, yes these are all forms of socialism as they are based on the redistribution of wealth. And, of course, socialism is based purely on coercion. Unless one is living on Gilligan’s Island, socialism cannot exist without the raw police power of the state enforcing it at the point of a bayonet. 

Who will voluntarily surrender his wealth and property to the state? No one. That’s why the Communists killed over 100 million people in order to impose their corrupt and evil ideology on their captive populations. Yet, these type of programs represent a “soft” socialism of sort, vote-buying by politicians which carry an undeniable appeal to many groups of middle-class voters: farmers, senior citizens and others. As it’s a “soft” form of socialism, most don’t object to it because it seems like they are drawing some financial benefit, without overtly surrendering any of their liberties. Yet, all government programs take away some rights. Social Security, for example, restricts an individuals’ right to 15% of his or her paycheck and the right to invest privately for his retirement.

America has now moved beyond the stage of “soft” socialism. We are heading toward “hard” socialism of the most dangerous form. 

The Democrat Party and its street militias – imitating their brethren from National Socialist Germany – have rejected 250 years of our Constitutional and democratic processes and believe that they can now enact their political agenda through force and violence. Their seditious mobs are unrestrained and uncontrolled, well-organized and well-trained. They will loot, burn, kill, and destroy to achieve their objectives. No American is safe from their wrath. The globalist Democrat elites have unleashed these mobs to create the “pressure from below.” 

The extortionist puppet-masters of the mobs are the Soroses, Pelosis, and AOCs as well as renegade factions within the U.S. military and intelligence services. They  represent the “pressure from above.” We will call off the mobs and ensure your safety if you will only surrender power to us. And, if we surrender power to them, they promise the annihilation of the American way of life and the subjugation of the people to a one-party socialist state. They will abolish the Electoral College so they will have permanent control of the Presidency. They will pack the Supreme Court. They will eliminate the filibuster in the Senate. They will grant statehood to Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico to add four Democrat Senators. The Second Amendment will be neutered. Yes, we will still maintain some window-dressings of “democracy” but for all intents and purposes, it will be the “democracy” of the late German “Democratic” Republic ( i.e., East Germany ). The Bill of Rights will be history and the U.S. Constitution subordinated to some “World Constitution” imposed by the United Nations.

At that point, “hard” socialism in the totalitarian sense will have arrived. And, once the political “restructuring” of America is implemented, your freedoms and liberties may be lost forever. Can this be stopped? It can, but only if you vote Trump-Pence on November 3.


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at

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