Shattering The Myth of “Free Trade”

If there is one issue that dramatically sets President Donald J. Trump apart from the corporate-political ruling class elites of both parties, it is the issue of trade… Read More >

Russia: The Enemy We Have Made

After wasting $35 million and 2 years of America’s time, the so-called “Mueller Report” is in. It confirmed what we knew already and what Special Counsel Mueller probably knew as well within a few months…. Read More >

Immigration and the Nation State

As the crisis on America’s southern border intensifies and worsens, it is highly appropriate to revisit the issue of immigration, both legal and illegal….. Read More >

GOP Establishment: Enemy of the Trump Agenda

It is no secret that the Republican Party establishment — controlled as it is by its corporate donor class — vigorously opposed Donald Trump’s ascent to the Presidency…. Read More >

Let The Free Market Solve The Crisis Of Higher Education

1965 was a portentous year in American history, with a long-lasting impact on
numerous aspects of American life decades down the road…. Read More >

Employer Health Insurance: An Idea Whose Time Has Passed

Half of all Americans currently receive their health insurance coverage from their employer. That figure has declined from approximately two-thirds back in 2000. For most of our history, health insurance was divorced from work.… Read More >

Democrats: The Party of Infanticide

Millions of Americas were sickened and appalled in recent months as the left- wing governor of New York signed legislation authorizing abortion up to the moment of birth. Governor Cuomo’s fellow Democrats cheered lustily as his pen met paper. … Read More >

Right To Try and Saving Lives

Although it has drawn far less public attention than the battle over illegal immigration, trade wars, North Korea or Supreme Court appointments, the Trump Administration is quietly initiating a revolution in health care. … Read More >

The Health Care Costs of Open Borders

As a physician, I am concerned about the health and well-being of my patients. I am similarly concerned about the escalating costs of health care that are burdening middle and working-class Americans… Read More >

Dare We Defy Our Judicial Overlords?

The beginning words of the U.S. Constitution are “We the People,” forever enshrining the principle of the Framers’ vision of limited government within the framework… Read More >

Immigration Reform That Works

The last time the United States had a fundamental revision to our immigration laws was in 1965 when Sen. Ted Kennedy decided … Read More >

Universal Catastrophic Coverage: Will it work?

The recent decision by Texas federal judge Reed O’Connor striking down the so-called “Affordable Care Act” ( aka “Obamacare” ) offers Washington policymakers of both parties a unique opportunity to… Read More >

As Socialists, Democratic Party Elites Are ‘Modern Slavemasters’

As a child immigrant from South America, I can only watch with anguish as the migrant caravan from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador marches through Mexico and seeks to enter the United States… Read More >

Overcoming the Tragedy of Homelessness

Homelessness seems to be one of those perennially intractable problems facing many communities in America today, especially our larger cities with generous taxpayer-funded social safety nets. In fact,… Read More >

Waste in Health Care System Demands Reform

A large part of the waste in the “Health Care Swamp” can be attributed to our health insurance companies and our hospitals. $750 billion is a huge amount of money. Taking it in perspective, it is more than the United States spends every year on the military. It is about as much as the entire federal government spent in Ron… Read More >

Toward A New Realism In Foreign Policy

We need a foreign policy based on enlightened realism and the national interest, not high-sounding campaign rhetoric. Since the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, America’s foreign policy lost the unifying theme and focus which had guided it since the end of… Read More >

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