Newsom Served With Notice of Recall

Newsom Served With Notice of Recall

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Blog

Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom Moving Forward

La Jolla– Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom today served the Governor with an official Notice of Intent to Recall the California Governor, according to committee legal counsel Chad Morgan.

The Notice carries the names of 100 proponents of the recall and was also filed with the California Secretary of State.

The Governor has seven days to file a response if he desires. After that date, the committee will submit a formal draft of a Petition of Recall to the Secretary of State which, upon approval, will launch the drive to collect 1.5 million signatures of California voters to force a recall election.

Californians to Recall Gavin Newsom is chaired by La Jolla physician Dr. James Veltmeyer. The recall proponents base their demand for a recall on Newsom’s support for taxpayer-funded health care for illegal immigrants, sanctuary state policies, tax increases, and the homelessness crisis.




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