Mandating Election Integrity

Mandating Election Integrity

by | Feb 25, 2021 | Blog

As a consequence of the questionable results of the November 3 presidential election, voter integrity laws and election reform should be the first order of business for the new Congress and the fifty state legislatures.

Few nations in the world conduct their elections in such a haphazard, schizophrenic manner as the United States. That explains why so many Americans doubt the results of last November’s election.

It is unacceptable and unfathomable how the greatest nation in the history of the world cannot conduct its elections in a fair, transparent manner. Why are ballots still being counted in Congressional races three months after the election? Why did the battleground states all decide to stop counting ballots at the same time on Election night? Why are observers thrown out of vote-counting centers in violation of the law? Why were state legislatures unconstitutionally circumvented to make eleventh-hour changes to voting procedures?

These are questions that must be addressed and addressed soon before the public’s faith in our democratic processes evaporate permanently.

The first issue that needs to be examined is the very day established in 1845 by the 28thCongress as the day on which we elect presidential electors. That day was assigned as “the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.” Yet, what has occurred in recent years? Voters are increasingly being permitted in many states to vote weeks and even months before the date assigned by statute nearly two hundred years ago. In the recent election, some states permitted voters to cast ballots as early as September! How is this not a clear and blatant violation of the law. And, it is illogical as well. How can voters make a sound decision on the candidates weeks before the election, before they have received all the latest information they need to make a judicious choice?

Politics is chock-full of late-breaking developments – including the presidential debates and the Hunter Biden laptop scandal. Yet, voters are now allowed to vote before they have been exposed and given an opportunity to assimilate these late developments! In 1980, there was a huge swing to Ronald Reagan after the final presidential debate at the end of October. Could that have happened in 2020? We know now that a significant number of voters said they would not have voted for Joe Biden if they had known about the Hunter laptop fiasco. If we are to restore voter integrity, the first action that needs to be taken is to ensure that ballots are cast only on the designated day of voting.

The second issue is the matter of voter identification. Most nations of the world, including France, Israel, Mexico, Iceland, Germany, Norway, and Northern Ireland require some form of photo identification in order for a citizen to vote. This is only common sense. If only citizens are permitted to vote, how can we not demand that this citizenship is verified at the ballot box? We know that millions of individuals who are non-citizens ( including both illegal immigrants and green card holders ) have been illegally voting for years. This crisis has been worsened by the easy voter registration procedures now promoted in many states at their DMVs when individuals apply for driver’s licenses. It is imperative that Voter ID be mandated at the federal level for every state.

Third, the process for absentee or mail-in voting must be drastically reformed. Once upon a time, an individual could vote absentee only if he specifically requested an absentee ballot from his county registrar due to that individual having an excuse ( i.e., being out-of-state on Election Day, etc. ). In the 1990s, the laws were relaxed in California, for example, to allow almost anyone to apply for an absentee ballot, regardless of their status or condition. Then, California moved to something called “Permanent Vote-by-Mail” in which even the application was eliminated. And, in 2020, we discovered “COVID-voting” in which states just mailed a ballot to everyone on the voter rolls, even if those individuals were dead, had moved, or were otherwise ineligible to vote. Many people received multiple ballots, leading to widespread fraud. There are credible allegations of ballots being printed in different states or even countries and shipped around the nation last year where “boiler rooms” were utilized by the Democrats to fill in these fake ballots for Joe Biden. Of course, wide-open mail-in voting leads to this kind of massive abuse, as even former President Jimmy Carter observed. Mail-in voting needs to return to absentee voting, where a ballot is issued only upon receipt of a valid application and excuse. Ballot “harvesting,” “drop-off” boxes and similar schemes must be prohibited by law. Even in a pandemic, if people can stand outside Costco, WalMart and Target, they can stand to wait to vote. It is just as important, arguably much more so.

Finally, the problems associated with electronic voting must be confronted. Most nations in the world ( 209 out of 227 to be exact ) vote by paper ballot. That should be the case in the United States as well. Canada, for example, has long voted by paper ballot and counts its votes in a matter of a few hours and with great efficiency. In the United States, where ballots are cast by machine, counting goes on – in some cases – for days, weeks, and even months. It makes us the laughing-stock of the planet. As far back as 1988, liberal media icon Dan Rather questioned whether “the fix” could be put on a national election through electronic voting machines and was told by the late Princeton University Professor Howard J. Strauss: “Get me a job with the company that writes the software for the program. Then I’d have access to one-third of the votes. Is that enough to fix a general election?” Strauss also stated: “When it comes to computerized elections, there are no safeguards. It’s not a door without locks, it’s a house without doors.”

Of course, that was thirty years ago and technology is far more advanced today than it was then, meaning that computerized election fraud is probably more widespread and sophisticated today than back then. We can recall Democrats raising objections to the Diebold voting machines in Ohio during the 2004 presidential election just as the Trump campaign exposed the machinations of Dominion in 2020. The fact is that electronic voting can be hacked, manipulated, connected to the Internet and otherwise made to switch votes and alter tabulations. The only safe course is to return to paper ballots cast and counted at the precinct level with observers present and watching. Voters should receive a paper receipt indicating how they voted so if there are any challenges, they can verify whether their vote was counted and registered as cast. Again, this needs to be mandated at the federal level.

America’s election systems have been traditionally decentralized with the states primarily responsible for how those systems are run and elections conducted. However, due to the shenanigans encountered in last November’s election, this decentralization needs to be reexamined. While it may be acceptable to have the states in control of their own local elections, we should and will require some kind of national standardization in federal elections to prevent a replay of what went down on November 3, 2020. And, the state legislatures need to reclaim their constitutional authority ( Article II, Section 1 ) to name presidential electors, so we don’t have another spectacle of state legislators running to the Vice President at the last minute asking to recertify their votes. These are actions unbecoming of the world’s greatest republic.


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at


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