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It’s Time to Terminate the H1-B Visa Program

May 5, 2020 | News

We have over 30 million American unemployed.  For years we have allowed millions into our country based on the H1B Visa program—bringing down wages and enforcing qualified American in the tech filed to fill taco shells instead.  The time has come, as President Trump says, to put America first.

“First of all, we know wages in this country have been virtually stagnant since 1998 and have only started to rise slightly since President Trump took office. We know that is indisputable that high levels of immigration suppress wages. Libertarian theorists may like to challenge this fact, but it is true. And, it is simply a matter of basic economics. When the supply of something rises, its price falls and vice versa. When the supply of labor rises, its price – meaning wages — drops. It is no coincidence that wages and living standards for working Americans increased dramatically – except for the period of the Great Depression – when immigration levels were essentially frozen between 1924 and 1965. Employers had to pay more because the labor supply was tight.”

As part of the business rescue plan we need to do an employee’s rescue plan—end the H1B Visas.

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