It’s Time to Recall Gavin Newsom

It’s Time to Recall Gavin Newsom

Aug 29, 2019 | Blog

Californians are fed up. They have had enough. That’s the conclusion we can draw from a recent Quinnipiac poll showing that Gov. Gavin Newsom’s approval rating has sunk to just 39%. Elected by an overwhelming 62% of the vote just last November, more than one-third of his voters have now walked away in just a matter of months. This is a dramatic and ominous collapse in support for Typhoid Gavin, the godfather of the Dark Ages-type diseases now spreading through some of our major cities.

It’s time to Recall Governor Gavin Newsom.

For many Californians, the last straw was Newsom’s recent signature on legislation providing taxpayer-paid health care to illegal immigrants. This decision will take $100 million from the pockets of our firefighters and school teachers, our waitresses and construction workers, our plumbers and truck drivers to provide free health care to individuals who have broken into our country and violated our sovereignty. As a compassionate society, we are already taking care of illegal immigrants in the Emergency Room – by law we have to do so. Governor Newsom wants to take it a step further and grant health care across- the-board. And, believe me, $100 million is just for openers, like every other government program. It will inevitably mushroom and expand – covering more and more illegals until it becomes a giant new entitlement program costing many billions of dollars a year.

Not only will the dollar costs of this scheme become unbearable but the consequences for all Californians who need medical care will be catastrophic. We are already dealing with a shortage of doctors. Many are leaving the practice of medicine because of the crippling cost and stress of complying with government and insurance company mandates and regulations. We are now going to dump hundreds of thousands more individuals on to an already overtaxed system as well as providing an enormous magnet to lure more illegal immigrants into our state. Less supply and more demand equals what in basic economics? Higher prices and shortages. That’s what we face if we don’t act to change this.

The insanity of this legislation simply overwhelms the rational mind. Under Newsom’s plan, an MS-13 killer could receive free health care at your expense while the victim could be turned away from his doctor’s office because he’s uninsured or can’t meet the copay.

And, this reprehensible new law – just signed a couple of weeks ago – is what sparked my desire to Recall Gavin Newsom. As you might remember, we recalled a California governor not that long ago. In 2003, a grassroots revolt among California taxpayers led to the removal of Governor Gray Davis from office – and the reasons were less compelling than they are now, in regard to Gavin Newsom.

 In addition to health care for illegal aliens, let’s consider at least three other major issues: Tax increases. With a massive budget surplus of over $20 billion, Newsom wants to continue raising taxes on Californians, from the gas tax to higher car registration fees to a water tax. He proposes over $2 billion in new taxes. He would love to destroy Prop. 13 with the split roll tax assessment which will drive more job-creating businesses out of the state. Californians already pay the highest taxes in the nation. He wants them even higher.

Homelessness. Cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are now public health dangers due to out-of-control homelessness. Newsom is doing nothing about this. He is permitting great cities to turn into Third World hellholes with disease, drug addiction, public urination and defecation. People can’t walk the streets and tourists and their dollars are fleeing. His housing plans are a joke. The homeless can’t afford any kind of housing in this state; they need medical and mental health care and drug rehabilitation so that they can eventually go to school or get jobs.

Sanctuary State & Cities: Newsom is the Archangel of Illegal Immigration and sheltering criminals and gang members. He is violating and subverting federal immigration law at every turn by shielding criminals from law enforcement and immigration authorities and making our communities and neighborhoods more unsafe.

There are many more reasons to Recall Gavin Newsom, from his opposition to the Second Amendment, to his effort to shut down capital punishment in this state in defiance of the will of the voters, to his support for shifting the cost of PG&E’s mismanagement of our state’s wildfires to the ratepayers. He is a political extremist totally devoted to imposing an extreme left-wing agenda upon California. The future of the Golden State under Gavin Newsom will not be golden at all, it will be a dark and dangerous future of skyrocketing crime, higher taxes, uncontrolled spending, deteriorating public schools, a collapsing health care system, and more handouts for those who have broken into our country.

However, with a new Governor, we can again have the California of our parents’ and grandparents’ dreams: a land of limitless opportunities and promise. A new Governor who will: Work with the Trump Administration to secure our border and end health and welfare benefits to illegal immigrants Cut taxes so our residents and businesses will stay in California. We can start by repealing the gas tax increase. Fix our schools by breaking the power of the teachers’ unions and introducing parental choice at all levels. Solve the homeless crisis by enforcing laws against vagrancy and public indecency while getting our veterans and mentally ill the help they need through rehab, schooling, and jobs. Solve the housing crisis by slashing the taxes, fees, and regulations that make it more expensive to build a house in California than almost anywhere in the country. California needs a new Governor. A Governor in the mold of Ronald Reagan. A Governor who can reach across California from our coastal towns to our giant cities, from our farm communities to Silicon Valley. A Governor who can communicate a vision of hope and opportunity to all Californians: Moms and Dads, your friends and neighbors and all those who are working two and three jobs to make the mortgage payment, pay the health insurance premium, or write the tuition check. These are the people who Gavin Newsom and the radical political elites in Sacramento choose to ignore. It is these people – the Forgotten Californians – who can and will “Make California Great Again!”

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Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016 and 2017. Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at


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