Is This the First “Virtual” Presidency?

Is This the First “Virtual” Presidency?

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Blog

We are living in a virtual world. As a result of the planet’s hysterical overreaction to COVID-19, we no longer shake hands, hug each other, or meet in person. School is conducted over the computer and business meetings by Zoom. Funerals are nixed. It is surreal to be sure, but we have to ask ourselves if we are now experiencing the first “virtual” presidency under senile Joe Biden.

Over the last two months, we have seen a presidential inauguration conducted largely online, without the public attending, except for 30,000 National Guard troops. We have seen Joe Biden meet with foreign leaders ( aside from those he hasn’t delegated to Kamala Harris ) “virtually.” There has been no State of the Union address. The few press events held by Biden do not permit questions by reporters. Trips outside Washington are cancelled due to the “weather.” “Lids” are declared on Joe’s activities at 8 AM. When Joe is allowed to speak, he continues to stumble over his words and struggle to spit out a coherent sentence.

This bizarre so-called “presidency” has moved well beyond the “virtual” to the absurd. We have moved from a President who slept four hours a night and could speak extemporaneously for two hours to a feeble old man who shuffles around not knowing where he is or what he is doing. As a physician, I find this example of cognitive disorientation and disintegration painful to watch. I find it outrageous in a President who carries the weight of the world on his shoulders. Let’s be clear, Joe Biden was never the sharpest tool in the shed. He has, in the past, suffered brain aneurysms which can result in cognitive impairment later in life. Now, 330 million Americans can only watch in disbelief as the so-called leader of the Free World clearly displays symptoms of dementia, Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s Disease. Is this what 81 million people supposedly voted for? Is the White House now an Assisted Living Facility?

Who exactly is running the show? Who’s calling the shots as the most radical left-wing agenda ever proposed at the national level is ruthlessly introduced and implemented, often by executive fiat.

This question apparently even extends to loyal Democrats in Congress. Recently, about thirty House Democrats proposed stripping the Commander-in-Chief of his long-standing and exclusive authority to use nuclear weapons. And, we know that Nutsy Pelosi was already talking of invoking the 25th Amendment in the new presidential term, emphasizing that President Trump was not the target.

This is getting scary. At this bizarre time in human history, when a pandemic and the forces of the radical left have combined to upend our nation and throw our society into turmoil, the present occupant of the Oval Office appears to be a mirage of a real President. There is something fake about it all, staged and inauthentic. An administration of liars, incompetents and fools who shill for a foreign enemy in Beijing. Freaks being sent to HHS to promote gender reassignment surgery for young children. Press secretaries who are always promising to “circle back” to reporters with answers to simple questions. Will we wake up soon and find out that it has all been a bad dream? Or simply just an SNL skit?

In the past, America has had Presidents who were seriously ill and that fact was largely concealed from the public. We know, for example, that Edith Galt Wilson and the mysterious Colonel House were essentially running the country in the last year or two of Woodrow Wilson’s term after he suffered a debilitating stroke. FDR was dying when he won re-election in November 1944 and died six months later. John F. Kennedy was gravely ill with a host of maladies including Addison’s Disease which required him to live on cortisone treatments. In each instance, the liberal media mostly covered all of this up, probably because these men were all Democrats.

However, in Joe Biden’s case, his condition has been obvious for months, long before he entered the White House. One has only to look back at videos from just two or three years ago to see how precipitous the decline has been. That’s why he campaigned from a basement and appeared as if he were in the Witness Protection Program. And, he obviously recognizes this. Why else would he be delegating meetings with foreign leaders to Kamala Harris and urging her to develop a “rapport” with them. Whoever heard of a President signing over foreign policy to his VP just within weeks of taking office?

One has to wonder whether Joe even understands the policy consequences of all these extremist Executive Orders he’s been signing since January 20th. Is this an administration on “automatic pilot?” If it is, we are in a grave constitutional crisis, one perpetrated by Big Media and Big Tech which worked feverishly to conceal the true state of Joe’s mental and physical health from the voters before the election. They were content to have a feeble-minded Chief Executive who could easily endanger the lives of millions of people around the world as long as it meant getting rid of Donald Trump. Just for that fact alone, these entities should be sued, prosecuted, convicted, and shut down.

We may be living in a “virtual” world thanks to COVID and the technologies of Silicon Valley. However, most Americans are probably old-fashioned enough to want a real, living, breathing human being with all his faculties in the White House. They want to see a President who embodies strength, vigor, intelligence, and action. Today, thanks to a rigged election on November 3, they have none of that. They are forced to settle for a corpse-like character who is shielded from the public, protected by his Visiting Angel, and can barely even execute the ceremonial duties of the office. In the wings waits a giggly, far left activist completely unqualified for the office who carries the title of “Vice President.”

May God Have Mercy on the United States of America!


Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at



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