Is a Second Civil War Inevitable?

Is a Second Civil War Inevitable?

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Blog

Is a second American Civil War inevitable? Are we already in one? Where will it lead and will it result in a complete transformation of our republic and the lives of each and every American today?

Many would argue – rather convincingly, in fact — that the United States has been engaged in a cold Civil War for several decades, perhaps since the last 1960s and the so-called “Revolution of 1968” which seemed to mimic the European revolutionary uprisings 120 years earlier which targeted the historic monarchies of the Old World and the conservative autocracies that reigned throughout the continent. In 1968, we saw cultural upheavals directed against both conservative regimes like DeGaulle’s in France and communist dictatorships in Czechoslovakia to democratic governments in the United States and Mexico. In most cases, these uprisings were spearheaded by the nihilistic and anarchistic student movements of the day that sought to collapse the old order based on religion, tradition, private property, and authority. The antics of BLM and Antifa today are merely throwbacks to the turmoil unleashed by groups like the Students for a Democratic Society, the Weather Underground, and the Black Panthers at that time.

The situation now is that in the last half-century these radicalized anti-American forces have strategically embedded themselves throughout all of this nation’s key institutions, including the so-called mainstream media, Big Tech, the schools and universities, motion pictures and Hollywood, publishing, the churches, the medical profession, and even the military which has gone completely “woke” under Mark Milley and Lloyd Austin. These forces have completely captured and enlisted one of America’s two major political parties and imposed upon 330 Americans an illegitimately-elected, feeble-minded puppet president who follows orders and does what he is told.

At the time of the first Civil War, it was said that a nation could not remain “half- slave and half-free.” We had tried to do that for decades before, resulting in one failed Missouri Compromise or Compromise of 1850 after another and a series of failed presidencies like Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. During the Cold War against Communism, it was likewise argued that the world could not remain “half-slave and half-free.” So, we spent more than forty years and trillions of dollars trying to “contain” Soviet and Chinese Communism in venues from Korea to Vietnam to Cuba to Afghanistan. Yet, the advance of Communism continued unabated until Ronald Reagan declared his vision of actually prevailing in the Cold War: “We win and they lose.” And, it was Reagan’s national defense and economic policies that were largely responsible for bankrupting the Soviet Empire and freeing Eastern Europe with the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989.

Yes, we won the Civil War in 1865 at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives. We won the Cold War with additional tens of thousands of casualties in Korea and Vietnam. But, what of the Second Civil War we face today which has been percolating for fifty years and now seems ready to go from “cold” to “hot.” It is a very different war from what we faced under Lincoln or Reagan. In so many ways it is much bigger and goes beyond anything we as a people have ever faced before, for it is a war over the soul of the country.

In 1861, the Civil War was fought to eradicate a repugnant system that Americans had been struggling to find a way to abolish almost since her founding and do it in a way that wouldn’t divide the nation. Sadly, it was necessary to divide the nation in order to save the Union. During the Cold War, it was an outside enemy we were confronting, one that we saw could be eventually vanquished through the sound policies of great leaders like Ronald Reagan and not the cowering and coddling of weak leaders like Jimmy Carter.

However today, this new impending Civil War is about America’s soul, about her values, about her very foundations. It is about her people who are now hopelessly and probably permanently splintered between those who still adhere to the founding principles of the nation, respect God, the law, private property rights, and a constitutional order. These Americans believe in freedom and the Bill of Rights. They believe those rights come from God, not government. They believe that uncontrolled government is tyranny. And, they believe in the sanctity of human life and the inviolability of borders.
Yet, there is another group on our soil today. These people, largely unschooled in the principles of our constitutional Republic and dismissive of any higher power than man himself, believe – first and foremost – in the power of government. They do not believe in individual rights, but group entitlements. They believe America is inherently evil not because of slavery, but because they do not believe in liberty. They believe that their vision of the world – as twisted and distorted as it may be – must be forcibly imposed on people, just like mask mandates or COVID vaccines. In their heart of hearts, these people are elitists who believe the average person must be ruled….by them. Like every form of totalitarianism that has subjugated mankind for thousands of years – from Caesarism to Nazism to Communism – they believe a small elite knows what’s best for all of us and we must conform to their thinking or be silenced or worse. They are profoundly intolerant of dissent and seek little more than the destruction of their enemies.

Unfortunately, this group of Americans is over-represented in all of our major cultural, educational, corporate, financial, and other institutions. Thankfully, they are not our farmers, truck drivers, electricians, police officers, or fire fighters. No, they are our politicians, cabinet members, military brass, university presidents and professors, journalists, publishers, and corporate CEOs. So, who has the disproportionate share of power and wealth in our society? Us or them? The answer is obvious.

When two peoples with completely incompatible values and irreconcilable differences occupy the same piece of territory and one people is determined to silence and oppress the other people, how long can that nation endure? Is it really a nation at all? Or is it – in fact – two nations occupying the same plot of land, like the Jews and the Palestinians, forever at war. It would seem we are at that point in history now. The Fake President Biden has declared war on all Americans who adhere to America’s founding principles. Those who believe in freedom are to be bullied, smeared, silenced, suppressed and marginalized. He has even taken it to the extreme of welcoming a foreign invasion of two million migrants from around the world to march into our nation in order to spread drugs, disease, dependency, and who knows what else to every corner of the country. Is this someone who loves America? Is this a patriot? Or is this a traitor?

The fact is that those elites and their brainwashed followers who hate and despise America and average middle and working-class Americans cannot be permitted to achieve their objective. Any nation has an inherent responsibility and obligation to remove those from within its borders who seek its extinction. A midterm election in 2022 will not cure this crisis of the American soul. Shifting around one group of politicians for another as on a chessboard is not the answer. The solution will be found when American patriots decide they have had enough with their occupiers and commence the required actions required to remove those occupiers from their soil. Will there indeed be two Americas in the future, living side-by-side, a Red America and a Blue America? And, can that possibly inevitable separation be achieved peacefully and permanently? That is the real question.

Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician and author of “Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer’s RX to Save America.”He was voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at

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