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No issue touches our lives more directly than our health and health care. It’s an issue that touches us and our families more directly and more deeply than taxes, immigration, or civil war in Syria. It is profoundly personal because it deals so clearly with matters of life and death.

I should know. I’m a doctor.

Thankfully, Americans continue to be blessed with the best health care system in the world. We live longer and healthier than our parents and grandparents because of innovation, technological breakthroughs and advances in the treatment of deadly diseases, new life-saving drugs, and better diets and lifestyles.

Yet, things are not working exactly the way they should, at least not in our medical delivery system. Costs are exploding. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing. Deductibles are through the roof. Many people – especially those on Medicaid – receive sub-standard treatment. Doctors are buried in paperwork and regulations which take time away from patients.

Sometimes, it seems like our parents and grandparents actually did have it better, with $10 for an office visit, house calls, and not spending hours on the phone fighting with insurance companies over coverage of some medical procedure… Read More >


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