Gun Control Again

Gun Control Again

by | Jul 5, 2022 | Blog

In the wake of the May elementary school atrocity in Uvalde, Texas, the predictable voices for gun control and gun confiscation are becoming louder and even more shrill. The cadaverous cretin currently occupying the White House has, of course, added to the incoherence of the debate by spewing forth nonsense like small handguns being weapons of war and demonizing every American who has ever written a check to the National Rifle Association. His despicable and even blasphemous tirade ( how many times did he take the Lord’s name in vain during his brief teleprompter read? ) on the night of the school shooting, in which he chose to continue his attempts to divide the country over the issue instead of praying for the victims and comforting their families, will go down in history as one of the most embarrassing moments in presidential history.

Instead of trying to score political points over the corpses of dead children, the Democrat Party and its in-house marketing department called CNN and MSNBC might benefit from actually learning the facts about mass shootings in America over the last four decades.

Two academics, Zach Lang and Jennifer Selin – one a PhD student and the other an assistant professor at the University of Missouri – actually decided to undertake a study on the issue of gun control by analyzing mass shootings going back to 1980. Neither Lang nor Selin are “right-wing” extremists, white nationalists or “domestic terrorists” as defined by Merrick Garland and the DOJ. Instead, they are bright and objective individuals trying to find solutions to an extremely challenging and persistent problem in our society.

What did they find out?

Lang and Selin collected data on all mass shootings that occurred in the United States between February 1980 and February 2020. They observed that 34 states and the District of Columbia had at least one mass shooting between 1980 and 2020. They found that mass shootings tended to occur in states with tougher gun regulations, like Connecticut, Maryland and California, which employ background checks and assault weapons bans. At the same time, the 16 states which had no incidents were states with relatively loose gun laws and high rates of gun ownership like West Virginia, Wyoming, and South Dakota.

Lang and Selin also revealed that 87% of mass shooters obtained their guns legally and almost all shot their victims in the same state as they obtained their weapons, meaning that “existing gun laws and regulations governing gun purchases and firearms that cross state lines may not be working to reduce mass shootings.”

These researchers also observed the obvious, that the number of mass shootings has steadily increased since 1980. Yet, there were far more adults living in households with firearms in 1980 than four decades later, 45% versus just 32% in 2016. Think about that for a minute. What else was different in 1980? Was religion a stronger influence in our homes than today? Were there fewer divorces and broken homes? Were there fewer fatherless children and out-of-wedlock births? We do know video games, virtual reality, social media addiction, online bullying, gender confusion, teen suicide, open borders and the mass use of antidepressants were basically non-existent at the time Ronald Reagan was elected president. What’s it like today?

Lang and Selin go on to observe that gun laws are not the only factors that impact where and when mass shootings occur. Other factors play a very important role, including the number of police officers per capita, a community’s population density and overall crime rate, and other demographic characteristics such as unemployment rates and average income.

They also looked at the impact of specific gun control measures and found them largely ineffective. They found that background check requirements, assault weapons bans and high-capacity magazine bans only reduced the incidence of mass shootings by a small amount, like decreasing the number of mass shootings in a state by one shooting every six years. And, importantly, none of these measures led to fewer overall deaths by mass shootings. So-called “red flag” laws that actually confiscate an individual’s firearm if a court defines that individual as a “community risk” did not affect the number of mass shooting attacks at all.

The conclusion reached by Selin and Lang: “Our analysis suggests that Americans who want to make mass shootings less frequent and less deadly may want to think beyond gun control legislation.”

What exactly does “thinking beyond gun control legislation” really mean? Well, it certainly suggests that if the United States can send $54 billion to fight a proxy war in Eastern Europe, it should have the resources to make schools hardened targets complete with one-point security entrances and exits and security officers made up of retired and part-time police officers and military veterans.  It can certainly revoke the entire concept of “gun free zones” which only lure mass killers to certain venues. It can also train teachers and administrators in the use of firearms to protect their pupils. However, that only addresses the symptoms, not the causes of the problem.

To address the causes of mass shootings, we need a cultural counter-revolution in this country and we need it fast. Unless and until we—as a society—return to a culture that respects life and scorns evil – we are destined to face mass killers in our schoolyards, parking lots, and churches. As a society, America is now less religious and less Christian than at any time in our history. Our children are confused and disoriented by a public education system at open war with traditional values, that forces Marxist ideology and transgender lunacy down their throats from kindergarten on – making them unsure of who they are or who they should hate. Its purpose is to turn them against their parents, against their culture, and against their faith. Is it any wonder that many of these young people wind up addicted to online porn, Facebook, TikTok or commit suicide?  Add two years of lockdowns, school closures, and forced masking and one is really talking about child abuse of the highest order.

Throughout America’s history, even to this day, boys ( and even girls ) from a young age were trained by their fathers or grandfathers to use a rifle or shotgun. There were no mass shootings. To confiscate the shotgun of a clean-cut, home-schooled, God-fearing 17-year old boy in Butte, Montana who likes to hunt and fish will not in any way solve this crisis. It might make a left-wing politician in Washington, D.C., feel good but it will have zero impact on the next unbalanced individual glued to Facebook who decides he wants to kill someone.

No, Americans will not surrender their firearms to government. And, they are less likely to do so today than at any time in recent history. Why would Americans branded as “domestic terrorists” by Merrick Garland ever want to give up their guns? Why would Americans who see peaceful protestors rounded up and locked up like animals in D.C. jails for exercising their First Amendment rights on January 6, 2021 ever even consider surrendering their firearms to Senile Joe Biden? And, chillingly, an ex-Fox News reporter named Carl Cameron recently went on national TV to demand that Joe Biden arrest and jail his political opponents. That number totals 75 million Americans, at a minimum. Why would any one of those 75 million Americans even remotely entertain such an idea?

Uvalde was an unspeakable atrocity, to be sure. Disarming the American people in the face of a tyranny as bold and blatant as the one that presently reigns illegally in Washington, D.C. would be even worse, as it would signal the final extinction of our constitutional republic and our descent into slavery.

Dr. James Veltmeyer is a prominent La Jolla physician and author of “Physician on a Mission: Dr. Veltmeyer’s RX to Save America.”He was voted “Top Doctor” in San Diego County in 2012, 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019.  Dr. Veltmeyer can be reached at and by visiting his website at

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