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Guest Post: Covid Forever?

Aug 27, 2021 | News

My column, “Covid Forever?” was recently run in the Huntington Beach News. Read it below:

Covid Forever?

 Is America now inevitably doomed to the permanent loss of our Constitutional liberties and freedoms in the name of fighting a virus that has a 99.4% survival rate?

Are we now witnessing the erection of a new global COVID state in which your freedom to live your lives, raise your families, pursue your careers, and worship your God is restricted forever?

Will government strike teams forcibly vaccinate you and your children or require “vaccine passports” to go about your daily lives ( this is already happening in much of Europe and is almost sure to come to the U.S. in due time )?

Will a segregated caste system be developed for the non-vaccinated, denying them jobs, education, or even the ability to buy groceries?

Will lists and databases be built with the assistance of Big Tech to track the movements, bully, and threaten all those deplorables who refuse the orders of the COVID state? Already, apps are being forced on Britons, requiring them to go into house arrest if they come into contact with anyone exposed to the virus.

These are legitimate questions and they are alarming as well. Never in world history has a globalist ruling class been so successful in organizing a plandemic to destroy the rights and livelihoods of the people of the planet in order to accumulate unprecedented new powers and give themselves life and death authority over 8 billion human beings.

Yet, as a physician, I knew from the beginning that we were indeed dealing with not a pandemic, but a plandemic…

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