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GUEST EDITORIAL: Dare We Defy Our Judicial Overlords

Feb 5, 2019 | News

The beginning words of the U.S. Constitution are “We the People,” forever enshrining the principle of the Framers’ vision of limited government within the framework of a republican form of government, based not on the whim of a monarch, but on the consent of the governed.

Today, the question arises as to whether the United States of America is a nation of laws enacted by the people’s duly-elected representatives or a nation lorded over by a black-robed ruling class that enacts laws by judicial fiat?

Did “We the People” ever hold a national referendum on banning prayer from the public schools?

Did “We the People” ever vote on legalizing abortion on demand?

Did “We the People” ever cede to the federal courts the right to define marriage?

Of course not. Yet, these are only three of the many examples that could be cited regarding the modern judicial dictatorship that rules our lives today.

In each case, the Supreme Court arrogated to itself the role of our elected representatives and decided what the law of the land should be. No popular vote was held, no election took place. Instead, a simple majority of nine unelected lawyers was allowed to make law and the public will be damned.

Is this the “Democracy” our liberal and progressive friends talk about protecting from Donald Trump and his Russian election saboteurs?

The progressives shout “Democracy, Democracy,” yet there is nothing democratic in a system of government by politicians in black robes elected by no one and empowered with life tenure.

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I am a proud legal immigrant to the United States, arriving here when I was just eleven years old.

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