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Guest column: Will Latinos upend the socialist takeover?

May 17, 2021 | News

My column was recently featured in the Mountain Democrat newspaper. Check it out:

Guest column: Will Latinos upend the socialist takeover?

As tens of thousands of desperately-poor Central Americans surge America’s now fully-open southern border at the invitation of Joe Biden, the Democrat Party practically welcomes them with open arms as new potential voters. If Joe and Kamala do ever visit the border, it will be to present the migrants with voter registration forms.

Joe and Kamala plan to legalize the more than 25 million illegal immigrants in the United States as soon as possible in order to get them on the voter rolls in time for the next presidential election. With another 2 million or so probably coming across the Rio Grande this year alone, the DNC is giddy with delight over the party’s latest ballot-stuffing scheme.

Yet, is the Democrat Party breaking open the champagne bottles too quickly? Will Latinos prove to be as predictable and reliable a voting bloc for the party as African-Americans were after the New Deal and especially after the Great Society?

Results from the 2020 election may call that assumption into question.

In 2016 Donald Trump — despite being relentlessly crucified in the state-controlled media as a racist and Mexican-hater, still drew 28% of the Latino vote, more than Mitt Romney in 2012. Shockingly, in 2020 Trump polled as much as 35% of the Latino vote, the highest number since Texan George W. Bush in 2004.

Trump sliced through the Cuban and Venezuelan precincts of south Florida like a hot knife through butter. In Miami-Dade County he won an astounding 53.5% of the majority-Hispanic precincts, compared to just 40% four years earlier. He won Cuban-Americans by a 15-point margin.

In Nevada, Latino men gave President Trump an impressive 48% of the vote while in Arizona he polled a strong 37% among Hispanic males and Latino votes shifted to Trump in 61% of Maricopa County’s 109 majority-Hispanic districts. Some of the biggest movement toward Trump was seen in the overwhelmingly Mexican-American areas in the Rio Grande Valley in Texas. According to Bloomberg, in Texas’ Harris County, almost 90% of the county’s 299 majority-Hispanic precincts saw a shift in Trump’s direction when compared to 2016. In some precincts the net vote shift toward Trump increased by as many as 30 percentage points.

Why did President Trump enjoy such an uptick in support among Latino voters in 2020? How could this have occurred after four years of being vilified by the media, including Univision and Telemundo?

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