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Guest column: The verdict is in; the lockdowns didn’t work

Aug 9, 2020 | News

My opinion column, “The verdict is in; the lockdowns didn’t work,” recently appeared in the Mountain Democrat newspaper.

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Guest column: The verdict is in; the lockdowns didn’t work

Now that the riots, looting, statue toppling and street anarchy have subsided somewhat (perhaps due to a perception that this strategy of the left is beginning to backfire ), we’re back to the left-wing media mob’s screaming headlines about COVID-19. Amazingly, COVID-19 virtually disappeared from news coverage while the mainstream media was cheering on the rioters burning down our cities and desecrating national monuments, statues and symbols.

The current media hysterics over COVID-19 are geared toward engineering another light-switch lockdown as if the American economy can long survive these senseless periodic closures over a virus that still falls far short of the deaths attributed to past pandemics, like the 1957 Asian Flu.

Of course, the evidence clearly suggests that the two-month lockdown imposed on all but a handful of states between mid-March and mid-May accomplished nothing, but only made matters worse. Indeed, if the lockdowns had worked as Drs. Fauci and Birx claimed, shouldn’t we have largely quashed the virus and “flattened the curve” already? Why would we even be discussing new “surges” and “hot spots” at all?

Instead, we are being subjected to a new phase of sensationalism that trumpets the rise in the number of cases being reported across the country. However, what does that prove? By focusing on cases and not on deaths, recoveries or hospitalizations, the massive increase in testing taking place would obviously result in thousands of new diagnoses. The truth is that the vast majority of reported cases involve individuals who are wholly asymptomatic, a condition that even the corrupt World Health Organization recently admitted puts them at low risk of transmitting the virus to others (the opposite of what we were told from the beginning of the pandemic and totally contradicts the logic of wearing masks).

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