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Theft of An Election or Theft of a Nation?

 Recent polls indicate that close to half of all Americans believe that the November 3 presidential election was permeated with massive electoral fraud and the results cannot be trusted. 80% of Republicans do not believe Joe Biden was elected and a not-insubstantial...

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Is the COVID-19 Vaccine the Answer?

In recent months, billions of dollars – one estimate puts the figure at over $10 billion – of taxpayer money has been funneled into some of the world’s largest corporations to develop vaccines against COVID-19 as part of “Operation Warp Speed.” Pfizer is receiving at...

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COVID: The Great Destroyer of Liberty

  At no time in recent world history have the nations and peoples of the planet faced a greater threat to their God-ordained freedoms and liberties than the hyper-hysterical reaction to COVID-19. To believe that this so-called health crisis was either...

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The Electoral College Must Save the Republic

  The muddled results of the November 3 election focus our attention again on the unparalleled wisdom of America’s Founding Fathers. When Benjamin Franklin emerged from the deliberations in Philadelphia ( ironically the site of massive electoral fraud in the...

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The Truth About Anthony Fauci

Anthony Fauci is the 80-year old head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He has held this position since 1984. As such, he is one of Washington’s most entrenched medical bureaucrats, a favorite of the political classes and media elites and...

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The Arrival of “Hard” Socialism

Tens of millions of Americans tremble with fear in anticipation of the November 3 election and rightly so. Backed by its violent Brownshirt mobs in our streets, the Democrat Party has now become so wedded to the coercive ideology of state socialism that a victory by...

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Trump and the Liberation of the Republican Party

Regardless of how the November election turns out, President Trump will be recorded in political history – at a minimum – as the volcanic force who transformed and actually liberated the Republican Party from the vise-like grip of its globalist, pro-war, anti-national...

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It’s Time to Break Up Big Media

The Cleveland presidential debate was a disgraceful spectacle unworthy of a great nation. However, it was not disgraceful due to the behavior of the candidates ( although senile Joe Biden’s insults were appallingly disrespectful to the presidency ). It was disgraceful...

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Would JFK Recognize His Party?

For three generations, John F. Kennedy has been one of the greatest and most venerated heroes of the Democratic Party. Countless leaders and luminaries of that Party came of age during Camelot or drew their inspiration from him. He certainly ranks with FDR as the most...

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Quadramune for Preventing and Beating COVID-19

A cavalcade of disinformation and outright lies have surrounded the spread of COVID-19 over the last five months. Americans have been subjected to numerous contradictory assertions and directives from global bureaucracies like the World Health Organization as well as...

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The Hidden Agenda Behind “Defund the Police”

Back in the 1960s, there was a campaign launched by conservative political activists called “Support Your Local Police….and Keep Them Independent.” During that turbulent period in U.S. history, law enforcement was under heavy attack, just as today. In the midst of...

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The Verdict is in: The Lockdowns Didn’t Work

Now that the riots, looting, statue toppling, and street anarchy have subsided somewhat ( perhaps due to a perception that this strategy of the Left is beginning to backfire ), we’re back to the left-wing media mob’s screaming headlines about COVID-19. Amazingly,...

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It’s Time for Genuine Tax Reform

America’s tax system is a mess. It’s a hodgepodge of thousands of arcane rules, regulations and laws that are constantly changing according to the whims of whichever group of politicians is in charge in Washington, D.C. on any given day. Taxes are cut, taxes are...

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Universities: Hotbeds of Cultural Revolution

 The “long march through the institutions” is a phrase popularized by the Cultural Marxists of the 1960s who described their political strategy for destabilizing and overthrowing Western capitalist society. In no institution have they had more success than in academia...

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Chaos in America: The Soros Blueprint

  Throughout history, the most diabolical and depraved enemies of Western Civilization have sought its overthrow and dissolution through the sowing of chaos. Such chaos can take many forms from destabilizing economies to unleashing street mobs to burn, loot, and...

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Democrats: The Party of Racial Politics

Democrat presidential nominee-in-waiting, the feeble Joe Biden recently ignited a furious firestorm with racially-charged remarks in a radio interview with a prominent African-American broadcast personality. In the interview, a clearly defensive Biden who was unable...

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Entering the Post-COVID Era

As America enters the summer months, we will inevitably begin entering the post-COVID-19 era. We need to start the process of rebuilding economies, societies, and families devastated by months of lockdowns and layoffs, lost jobs and lost businesses. We have learned a...

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Unmasking the Dangers of Face Masks

 Perhaps one of the most annoying – and wholly unnecessary – government-imposed mandates during the COVID-19 crisis is the increasingly widespread demand that healthy Americans wear face masks. Of course, just a few months ago, practically everyone in the elite...

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Trump 2020: The Road to Re-Election

Due to the Coronavirus crisis, the President’s re-election campaign has been turned upside down and inside out. The economy has tanked, the stock market has crashed, unemployment has soared, and businesses have closed. Food shortages are on the horizon and trillions...

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Big Pharma: A Monster Which Needs to Be Tamed

Millions of people were outraged in 2015 when Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of a 62-year-old drug considered the gold standard in the treatment of a life-threatening parasitic infection from $13.50 to $750 overnight, a 5000%-plus increase. Likewise, the cost...

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It’s Time to Terminate the H1-B Visa Program

President Trump’s recent decision to suspend legal immigration into the United States as a result of the COVID-19 crisis should be applauded as a first step toward addressing America’s out-of-control legal immigration system. However, does the President’s action go...

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