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It’s Time to Terminate the H1-B Visa Program

President Trump’s recent decision to suspend legal immigration into the United States as a result of the COVID-19 crisis should be applauded as a first step toward addressing America’s out-of-control legal immigration system. However, does the President’s action go...

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Are State Lockdowns Legal?

 President Donald Trump elicited predictable howls of criticism – from both the left and right -- with a recent claim asserting presidential supremacy over the states and their governors in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. Suddenly, far-left Governors like the...

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Can Americans Trust the CDC?

When the COVID-19 pandemic eventually passes ( and it will ), we will need  to take a serious look at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ( CDC ) and its role in the crisis as well as the CDC’s relationship with the World Health Organization ( WHO ). In...

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Are We Being Misled Concerning Covid-19 Deaths?

  A recent newspaper headline in a rural county in Central California blared the following: “Local virus casualty was a beloved cowboy.” Any reader would immediately draw the conclusion that COVID-19 killed 60-year old Ken Machado of San Benito County. Yet, when...

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Do We Permit a Virus to Destroy Our Economy?

America is shutting down. Restaurants and bars are closing. Businesses are  reducing hours. People are being laid off.  Unemployment may reach Great Depression highs.  Store shelves are empty. People are hoarding. The stock  market has collapsed. In the short span of...

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A Viral Takedown of Donald Trump

They tried Russia.  They tried the Steele dossier. They tried emoluments. They tried the 25th Amendment. They tried Ukraine. They tried impeachment. The globalist elites and their handmaidens in the Democrat Party establishment and the kept press have tried every...

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The China Syndrome

When Air Force One landed in Beijing in February 1972, how many Americans could have envisioned that Richard Nixon’s icebreaking trip to one of this nation’s most ruthless enemies would eventually result in that enemy nation virtually seizing control of the world...

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Quo Vadis, Social Security?

Clocking in at more than $1 trillion annually, Social Security is the largest federal program in existence, consuming more than one-fifth of all federal dollars and representing 5% of Gross Domestic Product. It is also probably the most grandiose federal program ever...

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A Tale of Two Americas

Are we heading toward two Americas? Are we now engaged in a cold civil war? Are we on the cusp of national disintegration and separation? These trenchant questions would have elicited simple responses and quizzical stares in the 1940s and 1950s when, it might be...

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A Polarized America and the Fourteenth Amendment

As we enter a new decade, a deeply and desperately divided America is in danger of shattering along numerous artificially constructed fault lines, such as race, religion, ethnicity, gender, and sexual identity. Polarization of this kind has not been seen since the...

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Climate Change and Backdoor Socialism

 Socialist Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Big Mouth says the world will end in twelve years unless American taxpayers fork over $93 trillion to implement a “Green New Deal.” At a cost of almost five times the size of the entire U.S. economy, this revolutionary...

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The New Political Realignment

American political history has been marked by a number of political realignments which led to the shifting of party allegiances among voters and the domination of one party over another. Today’s two-party system has its roots in the Civil War when the Republican Party...

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Impeachment: The Left’s Fall Fantasy

As the Democrats’ impeachment fantasy crumbles before our eyes, it is worth examining the actions of recent U.S. Presidents to determine whether Donald Trump’s actions regarding Ukraine genuinely warrant removal from office. President Trump is accused of trying to...

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The “Neo-Conservatives” and the GOP

One of the most dangerous and pernicious influences within the Republican Party over the last thirty years has been the so-called “neo-conservative” movement, a constellation of scribblers, theorists, and political power-seekers who are not conservatives at all, but,...

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Donald Trump and Endless Wars

  The foreign policy establishment was understandably enraged when President Trump announced his intentions to withdraw U.S. military forces from Syria.  Both late last year and just recently, President Trump expressed a determination to exit the Syrian Civil...

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Is it Time to Abolish the CIA?

Exactly one month after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, former President Harry Truman made an interesting observation about the Central Intelligence Agency which was published in the Washington Post. Truman wrote: “For some time I have been disturbed...

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Is Trump Right to Go After the Fed?

  President Trump’s recent attacks on the Federal Reserve and its interest rate policies have drawn more public attention to the actions of the nation’s shadowy central bank than at any time since the great crash of 2008 or Ron Paul’s campaigns for President a...

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Trump: Existential Threat to New World Order

The ongoing attacks by the political establishment on President Donald Trump – which began even before he was elected – are without parallel in history. The savagery, frenzy, and outright hysteria displayed by the President’s enemies within the Democrat Party, the...

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Toward A New Realism In Foreign Policy

We need a foreign policy based on enlightened realism and the national interest, not high-sounding campaign rhetoric. Since the end of the Cold War in the early 1990s, America’s foreign policy lost the unifying theme and focus which had guided it since the end of...

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The Cultural Marxist Attack on Western Society

Have you ever heard of Antonio Gramsci? How about Herbert Marcuse? Or the Frankfurt School? These names are probably meaningless to all but a small minority of scholars academics and political theorists throughout the world. Yet, Americans – and indeed all those who...

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Overcoming the Tragedy of Homelessness

Unlike many politicians who pontificate on the subject, I actually experienced homelessness as a young boy living in the streets of South America. I was lucky. I was able to come to the United States and start a new life. I was fortunate my mother had a sister living...

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