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A viral takedown of Donald Trump?

Mar 3, 2020 | News

They tried Russia. They tried the Steele dossier. They tried emoluments. They tried the 25th Amendment. They tried Ukraine. They tried impeachment. The globalist elites and their handmaidens in the Democrat Party establishment and the kept press have tried every phony trick in the book to bring down President Trump.


Yet, he’s beaten them back every time. Somehow all of these politically- inspired witch hunts and manufactured scandals were no match for a roaring economy, low unemployment, a soaring stock market, and rising wages in the minds of the American voter.


Of course, desperate times call for desperate measures. A Democrat Party that is now split between two near-octogenarian presidential candidates, one a dedicated Marxist rabble-rouser and the other a barely-coherent artifact of an arteriosclerotic political establishment, requires some kind of once-in-a-lifetime event to panic the public and scare skittish voters into their camp.

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