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A Health Care Plan that Meets the Needs for Every American

Mar 1, 2018 | News

Dr. James Veltmeyer’s rise from homeless and poverty in a foreign country to achieving fame and recognition as one of San Diego County’s Top Doctors is a true American success story. Selected four times by the San Diego Medical Society as one of our region’s leading physicians, Dr. Veltmeyer is the recipient of numerous awards attesting to his skill, dedication, and compassion.

Now, as the leading candidate for Congress in California’s 52nd District, Dr. Veltmeyer will bring his unique understanding of health care and other important issues to the U.S. Capitol. As the author of the “Health Care by the People, for the People,” reform plan, he is the only candidate offering a serious alternative to Obamacare. His plan has been featured in local, regional, and national media, including San Diego-based One America News Network (OANN).

As a 40-year resident of San Diego, Dr. Veltmeyer knows our community and its people. As the Chair of the Department of Family Medicine at a local hospital, he has cared for our friends and neighbors in the Emergency Room and helped countless numbers of our fellow San Diegans improve the quality of their lives. It is that same commitment to making the lives of others better that motivates his run for Congress.

“Congressman Scott Peters is not helping the people of San Diego by voting against common-sense criminal justice and immigration reform, like Kate’s Law. He isn’t solving the problem of health care by supporting the failed policy of Obamacare. And, he isn’t answerable to you and me when his campaign is funded by trial lawyers, giant insurance companies, Big Pharma, and developers.”

Above all, he sees the problems affecting families at the kitchen table as his main priority. “I want to see the struggle of middle-class families who despair just in trying to pay their bills end. I seek lower taxes and higher paychecks. Medical bills and student loan debt that won’t bankrupt them. These are the bread and butter issues that will determine whether we will even have a middle class in a few years. I am running to represent those who feel that no one in Washington listens or cares.”

Dr. Veltmeyer’s “pride and joy” is, of course, his health care plan. “Health Care by The People, for the People” is a three-part program focused on: The Medical Association Membership (MAM) model for routine and preventive care – you can see your doctor at any time for a low monthly fee, instead of co-pays and deductibles. You would avoid expensive hospitalization by handling most medical needs in your doctor’s office.

Emergency Catastrophic Care (ECC) for life-threatening health events, major surgeries, emergencies, and accidents. This would work like your car insurance and be affordable at premiums of $200 per month or less.

National Health Savings Accounts (NHSA) to cover the costs of pre-existing conditions, specialists, and longer-term hospital care. Employers could apply the savings in insurance premiums to the NHSAs.

“What I’m suggesting is truly revolutionary. Putting doctors and patients back in control of medical care, not government bureaucrats, insurance companies or overpaid hospital CEOs and CFOs, who are only concerned about the bottom line, not your health,” explains Dr. Veltmeyer.

“I really got interested in finding solutions to our health care crisis because of my wife Laura’s struggle with cancer. She was denied important and even critical diagnostic testing and treatment in the early stages of her illness, despite having the best health insurance policy money could buy. We were fighting the insurance companies and their ‘protocols’ every step of the way. It should not be like this. This crazy system is costing people their lives and ruining them financially. It does not have to be like this.”

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I am a proud legal immigrant to the United States, arriving here when I was just eleven years old.

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